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Nightlord Biker lord by thevampiredio
Nightlord Biker lord
its been a long time since i have the patience to paint something properly. i thank you guys for your patience. :bow:

after reading Aaron Dembski-Bowden's The Nightlord Omnibus.  i got hyped and bought and made a nightlord army.  and yes its my first marine army. :D

this piece was quiet challenging at first. becos i've been doing cartoony style for my mobile game job for too long. 
i was stuck after the first flat colors stage... didnt know how to proceed. but a friend encourage me to paint on. and good thing i did. :D

ops battleforce2 characters by thevampiredio
ops battleforce2 characters
heres the npc characters from the game.

its free to play. get it here…
i also did the intro animation. here.… have a look! :D
ops battleforce2 splash art by thevampiredio
ops battleforce2 splash art
Hi everyone! been working on this game. now thats its out i can share with you all. :)
its free to play. get it here…
i also did the intro animation. here.… have a look! :D
Nightlord-Master of the night by thevampiredio
Nightlord-Master of the night
happy early halloween! :D
my nightlord chaptermaster/chaoslord.  what do u call that? nightlord lord? terror lord? 
will add the jetpack wings later on. :D
i'm really feeling the chaos overtaking me... want to start a nightlord army~~~!

*final* added jetpack with wings. and yes. they can be use as power claws also. *evil vampire laugh*
the storm of silent by thevampiredio
the storm of silent
Eldar Phoenix Lord of the howling banshee aspect. Jain Zar translated as the Storm of Silence. ( maybe after the storm comes silences?)
i havent read the nightlords omnibus. but i heard this is a scene from the book where 
nearly every member of Talos' warband was slain and he himself became embroiled in a desperate single battle with Jain Zar. Talos took the Phoenix Lord's spear through his chest, and then detonated a grenade to kill them both. However the blast stopped short of killing the Phoenix Lord.

pretty awesome stuffs. now if only i can get my hands on the books. 

at first when i started this piece i though jain zar was fighting regular marines. only later when i found out she was fighting nightlords which i was a bit conflicted cos i love nightlords. :D

i look online and i almost ALMOST dont see any arts of Jain zar... yeah its cos shes quite ugly. hence the back view lol. 

wow haven't update my journal for a year! :D how yall doing my friends!!
i've been busy with work.  so busy i haven't have time to do any good paintings for a long while. i'm sure you notice. T__T

well here's the news about me. it's been 4 months since i've moved to singapore for work now. great country!! very advanced compare to mine. (think TAU and Imperium) lol. couldnt get any good jobs back home. was pretty lucky to get this new one. even though i'm doing casual games, kids stuffs and training simulation stuffs. yeah boring stuff. but hey the money's good. i'm not getting any younger. :P hopefully can get a long lasting career here. and get a PR here.  

been hearing so many bad news about studio closing down. artist not being paid or getting peanuts...*sign* 
suddently remember this line from some movie... "artists has to suffer for the art, that's why its called PAINting."

ok on to more cheerful news. check out my friend's web comic. its very well painted! a fantasy webcomic of high adventure and scheming immortals!…


eric tan
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haha yeah that is amazballzz!! 
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Evil idea Warlock Rhyas give Ironlich Asphyxious a hug around his neck. :)
thevampiredio Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
lol why?? is she madly inlove with him or somthing?
Terrortheslayer Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014
Maybe ¬w¬

But that just make it funnier XD
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Imperial Knights; love or h8?
thevampiredio Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
havent fought one yet. but i should hate it. lolz.
imafiringmylaser Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
how could you hate them? D: they fight xenos and doesn't afraid of anything!
thevampiredio Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
exactly!! i'm sad chaos dont have monsterus creature like that.
sure they have deamon princes and forgefields. but nothing of that size.
thats a huge motherfucker.
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